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The Justice Mohan Children's University partnered with Ministry of Urban development, Government of India, announced Inter School drawing competition to make more awareness about “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN” among the school students.

JMCU inviting entries from the students of various schools all over Tamilnadu for partaking in State Level Drawing Competition.

Talking about the initiative, this inter school art and drawing competition with social awareness playing the main scheme of things. Our theme for the competition is in sync with the government’s praise worthy initiative, ‘SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN’. We believe that art is a sole journey from an artist’s mind to the heart and has its own language of self-expression. We would like these young artists, the future of our nation to explore their inner selves and sketch some brilliant ideas out around these initiatives. We want this message to reach across all parts of the country.

Categories Topics Apparatus Needed
A. I Std – III Std Own Topic A4 Chart, use only Colour Pencil & Colour Crayons.
B. IV Std – VI Std Own Topic A3 Chart, any painting materials.
C. VII Std – IX Std Own Topic A3 Chart, any painting materials.
D. X Std – XII Std Own Topic A3 Chart, any painting materials.
  • Maximum 25 students in each category and total no.of registerstations should not exceed 100 per school.
  • Registration Fee: Rs.60/- Per Student
  • Certificate of participation will be issued to all the students who are participating in this competition.
  • Certificate of honour will be issued to the co-ordinators.
  • Certificate of apperatation will be issued to the schools.

  • For Students - (each Category)

  • 1st prize - Trophy, Medal, Certificate
  • 2nd prize - Trophy, Medal, Certificate
  • 3rd prize - Trophy, Medal, Certificate
  • Top 25 - Medal, Certificate
  • Awards

    For Schools - (Based on the Students Performance)

  • Best Principal Award (for 25 schools in Tamil Nadu)
  • School of Excellence (Top 50 schools in Tamil Nadu)
  • Best School of District (1 school from each district

  • Procedure:

  • Step 1: School must be nominate a co-ordinator for this Competition.
  • Step 2: Registration form along with the entry fee must be submitted by the school on or before the last date of submission
  • Step 3: JMCU will allot the registration number for the students and the same will be informed to the schools for any further communication.
  • Step 4: School should conduct the 1st level of competition on the preferable date to the school convienence.
  • Step 5: All drawing sheets to be packed and have to sent to the projuct centre for selection.
  • Step 6: The drawing sheets will be validated by Jury committee appointed by JMCU.
  • Step 7: Result will be announced to the school for final participation
  • Step 8: Finals will be held at Chennai
  • Step 9: On the Same day, results will be declared and prize distribution will starts from 4pm onwards
  • Note: Participation certificate will be sent to the schools after completion of FINALS.

    Last date to submit the application - 28th of Nov 2017
    1st Level @ School
    Finals @ Chennai
    Prize Distribution

    Guidelines to the School:

  • The school has to nominate a teacher as a Co-ordnitor to handle the entire procedure.
  • Teacher has to communicate and collect the registration forms from the students.
  • Registration form should be attested by the Class teacher of the school. (Annexure II)
  • Registration form can be photocopied for additional students participation. (Annexure II).
  • The school can retain 25% from the total registrations entry free, for communication expenses.
  • Balance 75% of the registrations entry fee must be sent as DD in favour of “JUSTICE MOHAN CHILDRENS UNIVERSITY” payable at CHENNAI.
  • Co-ordinator should organise the competition with transparency (without any partiality).
  • Any further communication please contact below mention address.